Claudia Rößger

Claudia Rößger

Claudia Rößger is an artist of the New Leipzig School. Read more about her artistic practice:

About the artist

Claudia Rößger’s work comes in various media. Not only does the Leipzig-based artist deal with the genre of painting, she also makes use of the techniques of drawing, printed graphics and collage. Exploring different media, she uses her works in order to discuss different archetypes and the notion of the 'realism of the figure'.

Rößger’s interest lies in the human roles within social systems, which she discusses in her figurative works. The universality of those roles arises through her use of stylised figures whose individuality is taken away from by the artist. Rather, Rößger creates her own typologies, which enable the viewer to find him- or herself within these outlined social roles. The artist herself descries this process as a 'dialogue' between the artist and the pictorial figure.

The artist studied at the Leipziger Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst under Arno Rink, whereby she dissociated herself from her fellow students in terms of her formal language. Rößger's intention does by no means lie in the detailed elaboration of the canvas, rather she has been developing her very own delicate visual language, which is turning the line into the most important pictorial element. In this sense, the artist is continuously exploring the boundaries between drawing and painting in her works.

Rößger's work allows the forging of a bridge between form and content. While she is exploring the canvas, making use of her characteristic, tentative line, she simultaneously explores the human entity and its very own role play within society.

Claudia Rößger, born in Mittweida/Sachsen in 1977, lives and works in Leipzig.

Photocredits in der Reihenfolge des Erscheinens:

Portrait von Claudia Rößger: Claudia Rößger
Werke von Claudia Rößger: Claudia Rößger

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