Firstdate the artist 09/2017

september 2017

Just in time with Berlin Art Week in September 2017, Miriam Vlaming opened the doors to her studio for a new episode of Firstdate the artist and invited 4 artists to exhibit their works. Isabelle Dutoit, Kathrin Heichel, Claudia Rößger, Verena Landau and Miriam Vlaming share the affiliation to the Neue Leipziger Schule. In August 2017, Susanne Altmann had written an article about women positions in the Neue Leipziger Schule which was published under the title 'Jetzt erst recht! Wie Malerinnen die Leipziger Schule wieder ins Gespräch bringen.' in the art – Da Kunstmagazin. Ironically entitled 'Unser Kaffeekränzchen', the exhibition presented different artistic positions within the media painting and drawing, which were put into new contexts. The Exhibition was curated by Susanne Altmann.

Painters from Leipzig

Miriam Vlaming's second edition of Firstdate the artist marked the release of Susanne Altmann's article 'Jetzt erst recht! Wie Malerinnen die Leipziger Schule wieder ins Gespräch bringen.' which was published in art – Das Kunstmagazin in August 2017. Consequently,  Isabelle Dutoit, Katrin Heichel, Verena Landau, Claudia Rößger and Miriam Vlaming presented their works in an exhibition curated by Susanne Altmann who also gave the introduction in the exhibition. 

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In the course of the second episode of Firstdate the artist, the artists further presented a mutual portfolio of lithographs which was created in cooperation with Artflash.​


Click through a few impressions from the event on September 16th 2017.

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