Miriam Vlaming

Miriam Vlaming

Miriam Vlaming, artist of the Neue Leipziger Schule and master student of Arno Rink, ist the founder of Firstdate the artist. Get to know more about her artistic practice:

About the artist

Miriam Vlaming has already dealt with the symbiosis of man and nature since her early periods of production. By doing so, the artist combines her protagonists with their surrounding floral ornamentation. While she explores the relation of man and natural as well as urban habitats, Vlaming’s protagonists often blend into or step out of their surroundings. Quite often it seems as if her figures arose from their surrounding landscapes, as if nature gave birth to man. The artist poses the question of human identity and incarnation and elevates it to a central subject of her work.

In the course of her production, Vlaming has become a visual anthropologist in terms of her central topic of the human in close communion or in conflict with nature as well as the human nature itself. By exploring those issues, the artist discusses the domestication of nature by humans while contrasting it with belief systems and values of our society. It is particularly Vlaming's journeys  to China as well as her scholar ships in the United States (2005), Africa (2000) and Israel (2010) which opened up new perspectives for the artist. These perspectives are mirrored – formally as well as content-wise – in her periods of production. 

Miriam Vlaming, one of the most important representatives of the “Neue Leipziger Schule”, studied Graphic Arts and Book Arts at in Leipzig, where she was lectured by Arno Rink and Neo Rauch. She graduated with distinction in 1999 in order to become Rink’s master student for two years. Miriam Vlaming’s ascription to the „Neue Leipziger Schule“ is accounted for by her training as well as her figurative work. However, Vlaming differs from other members of the „Neue Leipziger Schule“ since she exploits the boundaries between abstraction and figuration while interlacing the human with their surrounding ornamental and pictorial structures.

The artist, who takes on a teaching assignment (2001-2003) and teaches at the 14th International Summer Academy for Fine Arts in Dresden, displayed her work at various international solo exhibitions. Her works are part of significant public collections and museums, such as Altana Kunstsammlung, Museum der Bildenden Künste Leipzig, Soeur Rusche Collection, Von der Heydt Museum Wuppertal and more.


Porträtfoto: Angelika Platen

Reproduktionsfotografien: Studio Miriam Vlaming

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